Hi I’m Lisa Pankhurst, owner of Good Health Resolutions. I'm a fully qualified Personal Trainer who lives, eats and breathes a good healthy lifestyle. Many would describe me as an active, friendly, motivated mum whose number one thing to do is play with her kids. I'm also very passionate about helping new mums regain their fitness and discover the joy and satisfaction gained from looking after themselves.

Like many first time mums though I let my body go a bit during pregnancy. For some horrible reason my normal healthy eating choices just didn’t mix well with the baby and all I craved was pasta, rice, bread, cheese, anything carb loaded and bad for you. Fresh salads would make me nauseous and I ended up putting on almost 20kgs during my pregnancy.


Once I had my baby I was ready to get my body back into shape, although since becoming a mum I struggled to find a way to fit exercise in around my family. I’ve always preferred exercising outdoors compared to a gym, although when I was ready to start my postnatal exercising to lose the baby weight I couldn’t find a boot camp that was close to me that was at a convent time.


Sure there are plenty of exercise classes starting at 5.30am but that’s too early for most mums, especially when we have been up all night to a newborn or have to get the kids ready for school. I also wasn’t very motivated to travel 15kms to the closest baby friendly boot camp, and I didn’t want to put my baby in a crèche at a gym, but there wasn’t much of a choice for me so I just did it.


After speaking to many mums in my area I found there was a demand for a mums n bubs bootcamp in my area of Currumbin and I knew this was the time in my life to make a positive change in my life. I knew I wanted to become a personal trainer and create a mums n bubs focused boot camp right here in Currumbin.


I decided to further my education and became a fully qualified Personal Trainer through the National Health and Fitness Academy (NHFA) and received my qualifications; Certificate III and IV in Fitness, Senior First Aid and CPR.  I also furthered my education and continued on with NHFA Mentor program which excelled my personal training knowledge even further. I am also fully qualified in Pre and Post Natal fitness so you can be assured you are in the best hands at bootcamp.


In a short time Good Health Resolutions was born… A fun, friendly environment that is focused not only on exercise but a healthy way of life. I believe that exercise is only 20% of the weight loss battle and 80% about your diet, so I focus a lot on healthy clean eating and give you lots of helpful hints and tips to get you closer to your goal. I’m not only passionate about fitness; you should see me in the kitchen! I love to create healthy, nutritious meals that are exciting and never boring and I love sharing my knowledge with anyone that will listen.


So come along to Currumbin and Palm Beach and check out my outdoor group fitness, or of you prefer a more personalised, focused program check out my one on one personal training sessions.


Will it be easy? NOPE .... Will it be worth it? ABSOLUTELY!


Introducing one of our Saturday trainers that runs our Pilates class.

Hayley is an outgoing, enthusiastic therapist that loves to help people move!
She has been employed by the Australian Defence Force for 14 years and after leaving the permanent Navy she achieved both her Exercise Physiology (BExPhys) and Doctor of Physiotherapy Qualification.

Hayley works in the musculoskeletal field and also disability therapy helping adults and children with additional needs to achieve their goals. She instructs Pilates mat and equipment classes for women with a variety of skill levels. Hayley has experience in hydrotherapy, women’s health and prescription of exercise in both typical populations and those affected by chronic conditions.


Introducing one of our Saturday trainers that runs our Yoga class.

As a yoga practitioner and Group Fitness Instructor of 13 years, Sharon gained a high awareness of the many benefits for mind & body that fitness & yoga has to offer. As she continued teaching through the pre & postnatal stages with both her children she became even more aware of these benefits for women during this special chapter in their lives.

She discovered how yoga can actively prepare you for a natural birth, building strength and endurance for labour & birth. Sharon found Yoga during the postnatal months to be the most effective form of exercise with it’s focus on all over body strength, re-building core strength and stretches to ease tensions associated with carrying and feeding a baby.

“There are not many exercise programs out there for mums where they can ‘bring’ their babies so Mother & Baby classes are perfect, allowing them the ability to continue yoga and bond with your baby at the same time – they are so much fun!!”

Sharon is a registered and certified Yoga Teacher & Fitness Instructor.

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