Here at Good Health with Lisa we keep you motivated and on track with our 6, 8, 10 or 12 week body transformation challenges. With 11 sessions to choose from each week and a FREE home workout plan you are sure to increase fitness, lose weight and tone up. If you aren't able to come to a session, no problems just follow your at home workout guide to keep you on track.

Your challenges includes:

* A Special challenge log in platform

* Daily Meal Plans and recipes for optimal fat-loss

* Daily Home workout options

* Before/ After photos, scans and measurements.

And so much more! ...


Each week we meet at a new location around Palm Beach and Currumbin to keep it interesting. We don't have child minders at this class but the kids stay close and we all keep an eye on each others kids. You're sure to love the variety of our workouts and enjoy great scenery as you train outdoors along the creek and beach. 


Boxing for fun! Get your boxing wraps and gloves on ladies! Our boxing sessions are a combination of boxing drills and strength based exercises, you'll get a great workout, burn heaps of calories and gain strength you didn't know you had. Never boxed before? That's okay we will teach you form and safety to give you the best workout.



Our Mums n Bubs Bootcamp classes are our child friendly sessions with FREE bub assistants. We include a wide variety of exercises including weights, HIIT, Strength, Games Days and more.

We have volunteer bub assistants to help watch over the bubbas while we train to help out too. Bootcamp classes are a fun combination of body weight, kettle bells, suspension trainers, medicine balls, battleropes, you name it we have it.  Exercises are all aimed at increasing fitness and gaining lean muscle. No two sessions are exactly the same you will enjoy team games, interval training, fitness tests and more.


Early Risers Bootcamp is full of great fun classes designed to shred fat and increase fitness with HIIT, Weight, Circuits, Boxing, Team Games and so much more. What a great way to start the morning and smash out your early morning session.


Your diet is so important for your overall well-being and weight loss that is why when you join up with Good Health with Lisa you receive our Healthy Eating Guidelines, tips and recipes. Your not alone when it comes to your food choices, I provide you with a fool proof guideline and with support from our online private Facebook forum you will always have healthy, nutritious, yummy meals to look forward to eating every day.


Tuesday and Thursday mornings is your time to stretch and tone. We have Tuesday 5:30am weekly yoga and on Thursdays we alternate Pilates one week, then Yoga the week after and so on. These classes are performed by our specialised Yoga and Pilates Instructors that focus on women's health. Connecting deep within your core to help strengthen and support your body for everyday movement.

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